Why market your property on ColumbiaGorgeFSBO.com?

This website offers a centralized location where your home will receive far-reaching exposure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet. Our marketing services assist you in professionally presenting your property to a global market. Our service focuses on the four counties of the Columbia Gorge region: Hood River and Wasco in Oregon, Skamania and Klickitat in Washington.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions are an affordable and economical alternative to using real estate agents. Using an agent often means paying a percentage of your home’s selling price as a commission. Another way to look at the commission: That is your equity you are paying as the commission. For example, assume your property sells for $200,000 and your purchase price was $180,000. With a 6% commission, your equity is reduced by $12,000! Your potential equity of $20,000 is now actually $8,000 because of the commission payment. In this example, the commission is 60% of your potential equity before commission – Money right out of your pocket! Realizing the commission reduces your equity should encourage property owners to go the FSBO route as it has a potentially significant return for the time and effort invested.

Unlike national FSBO sites, we are local members of your community. Our goal is to make the FSBO marketing process as easy as possible for you with individualized customer service. We offer several packages and ala carte services so you pay for only what meets your needs. Depending on which package you choose to purchase we:

  • Photograph your home
  • Place a real estate for sale sign on the property (a refundable deposit is required)
  • Consult on “staging” the home
  • Design customized flyers
  • Present multiple photos and detailed information on the property on your own page of www.ColumbiaGorgeFSBO.com. You will have a web address specific to your property.
  • Provide exposure, exposure, and more exposure of your property to potential buyers. In this market, buyers are scarce so you want to be sure they see your property!!

Columbia Gorge FSBO offers a powerful marketing tool to help owners sell their own property. In selling the property yourself, you prepare, market and show the property, receive offers, negotiate, answer questions and present your property the way you want to. There are potential risks in doing so. To minimize risks in FSBO transactions, an attorney should be consulted.

Please note, Mel is also a licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker, with Kelly Right Real Estate of Portland. ColumbiaGorgeFSBO is not selling or perfoming licensed real estate services.  ColumbiaGorgeFSBO is only providing a marketing resource for FSBO sellers.

There's a lot to considering when selling your property yourself.

  • “Staging” your home is necessary whether you’re selling yourself or using a real estate agent. Staging is much as it sounds… making the home look as pleasing as possible. Potential buyers are less likely to consider a messy, crowded or cluttered home, so clean out as much as possible. You want the buyers to envision their furniture and things in that space, so you want to get many of your personal things put away. We even recommend renting a storage unit and clearing out all clutter from the house. We’re going for clean surfaces here and a bare minimum of furniture. Columbia Gorge FSBO will tour your home with you and provide advice on ways to make the home more sellable with the least amount of investment possible. You may consider new paint, carpet or repairs or offer a money amount to cover those in the contract.
  • Then you’ll need to keep the home clean and available to show at a moment’s notice. Expect extra phone calls, traffic going by the home and even the occasional buyer ringing the doorbell. Keep For Sale flyers in your yard sign well stocked. When you’re having a showing or open house, air out the house first… few residents can tell what their house smells like because they’re used to it. Turn on all the lights in the house and open the curtains and blinds to make the place look brighter, bigger and more cheerful. Keep fresh flowers around and a fire in the fireplace. Send kids and pets elsewhere during a showing if possible. Offer refreshments, preferably something you baked, which will also make the house smell homey. Have buyers “sign in” with their name, email and phone number so you can follow up with them later.
  • “Curb Appeal” is vital… whether in person or on the internet. Curb appeal is the first impression buyers “feel” when viewing and/or approaching the home. If a customer isn’t immediately struck by a home’s appearance, they could drive by without even seeing the inside. The yard should always be kept presentable, including mowing, raking, trimming and removal of all clutter. You might even consider painting if the exterior of the house has seen better days. During the winter, be sure to keep up with snow removal and clean up any windblown debris. Curb appeal also applies when presenting your property on a website. ColumbiaGorgeFSBO.com is an opportunity to enhance your property’s “curb appeal” on the web. Plenty of pictures and detailed property information will encourage buyers to want to physically visit your property.
  • You should be able to answer a buyer’s questions, especially regarding items like the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. Be prepared for more personal questions, too, like what the neighborhood has to offer and what you’ve liked most about living there. Don’t be offended and don’t be surprised at negative comments about your home, too. Use any “negative” comments as constructive feedback – solve the issue if it is possible to do so. For example, a comment of “the room is small and dark” might mean more lighting and some mirrors for the room to improve the buyers’ perception.
  • Real estate agents may contact you. At your option you may want to offer a “buyers” commission to agents, especially if you need to sell quickly. This can be any amount you feel would be appropriate to encourage a buyer’s agent to bring their clients to your property. Realistically, you should check to see what a buyer’s agent typical commission is for your area. You may choose to have a real estate agent look over the Purchase and Sell Agreement, which some will do for a relatively low, flat cost.
  • Figure out what your home is truly worth before advertising the price. Have the home appraised or even reviewed by a real estate agent and/or compare similar homes that have sold in your area. Many agents will price your home during a listing proposal and going through that process may also introduce you to the agent you may ask to assist in selling your home later on.
  • Make it easy for potential buyers to give you an offer.  If a buyer has to find the paperwork, they might lose momentum to make the offer.  Be ready to provide buyers with the Purchase and Sales Agreement document for your property.  When you have an Open House, have copies of the Purchase and Sale Agreement available so buyers can fill it out or take it with them. Do you need the correct real estate forms?  USLegalForms.com provides easy access to state specific real estate forms at a reasonable cost.  GET FORMS.
  • When you receive an offer, be ready to negotiate based on facts for your market area and comparable pricing for similar properties recently sold in your area. If the home isn’t selling in the time you think it should, consider a price. Pricing your home realistically given for local market conditions and “comps’ is the fastest way to sell your property.
  • Open houses are a productive way to increase foot traffic… get people in there to see the place. Advertise open houses on your personal page at ColumbiaGorgeFSBO.com and the local paper. Also, be sure to use small additional signs to direct people to your house.

Please note, the above information is general in nature and does not address your specific situation. Consulting a real estate attorney or other professional is recommended.