The "For Sale by Owner" Experience

"We sold our last house by ourselves and the commission we saved was part of our down payment for our current house. We wouldn’t be living here today if we had used a real estate agent. For Sale By Owner is the way to go!"

~ Samuel R.

"When our family was preparing to move across the state, we house-hunted on a For Sale By Owner website. There were so many pictures and details we were able to narrow the possibilities down to three homes that we actually toured. It saved us an incredible amount of time, which is important since we were touring with rowdy kids along. We also really enjoyed looking over possibilities on our own schedule instead of on a Realtor’s timeline."

~ Marie M.

"The Gorge really needs a site like ColumbiaGorgeFSBO. It’s a great idea to centralize all For Sale By Owner properties and will make searching for properties in the area so much easier."

~ Kelli G.

"Selling our home For Sale By Owner saved us thousands in commissions!"

~ Jon M.

"When we bought a For Sale By Owner home, we went back to see the house three times and spent a lot of time chatting with the sellers. We asked a million questions about the house and the neighborhood so we better knew what we were getting into. The sellers even introduced us to the neighbors."

~ Nancy T.